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Nics and information about cheats on Pogo to beware of and be aware of:
All nics made by Tracy, Pro founder aka liar, cheat, slut, and egotistical psycho.
All nics made by Tina aka imNotDaisy. She makes nics slandering (with x rated gutter mouthing) decent players on pogo... and hides behind them in lounge's talking with them.  She is on 24/7 so beware of her.
All nics made by Trip, aka stalker, hater and his p Davy aka Nilly (she plays as one person for a few years and disappears and comes back as another person).
All nics made by ProRita, any nics with Takin in them are usually hers.
Beware of PRO nics.  And nics with 21 in them.
These people will double browse you. They will make cheat pages and go through lounges saying they are cheat sites posted by POGO.  This is not true. They post people's nics whom they do not like.  Beware of them all.
Help fight cheaters and haters on Pogo.  Report these people to Pogo.